Project loopen

loopen is a OS based on EmulationStation, currently in development, which looks to facilitate access on Raspberry Pi, to videogame homebrew creations, for previous generation platforms (NES, Genesis, Atari 2600...).

For users, loopen will automatically download the emulators to their Raspberry Pi and it will access an online store where game developers will able to host their roms. 

For creators, loopen will be a space where they will able to: 
- Host their games for free on our servers. 
- Set the download price, allow free downloads, or accept donations for their games.
- Receive feedback from the community. 


Contact with homebrew creators - 210415

A compilation of homebrew roms from different websites has been made for the emulated platforms in the first phase. In few days, we will contact the creators of these games to request if they want to collaborate in the first phase of the project :-)

Development of phase 1 - 210202

Currently, we are working on phase 1 of the project. Phase 1 will correspond to a very simple version of loopen, where:
- The emulators will be installed automatically. The emulated platforms in phase 1 will be:
      · Atari 2600.
      · Sega Master System.
      · Sega Mega Drive.
      · Nintendo.
      · Super Nintendo.
      · Game Boy Advance.
- In the first phase it will not exist store. The roms will be hosted on our server and they will be downloaded automatically.